This is a contact profile for Jonathan "Fustăchio" Riggs.

I'm a 3D artist and member of the furry fandom.

This site contains links to my 3D portfolio & media content.

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Fustăchios Furtainment.
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Twitter - @fustachio.
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3D Models.
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Directory information – Skills & Expertise:
3D, 3D Modeling, 3D Art, 3D visualization, Game Design, Concept Design, Modeling, Product Testing, FLT
Salutation: Mr
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Riggs
Nick name: Velivian Fesothe, Fesothe, Fustachio, Fesothe, Bunjie, Furpunk
Hobbies / Interests
Animation, Archery, Arts, Blacksmithing, Blogging, Clockworks, Collecting [Hats(TF2) Furry (Art)], Crafts, Furry, Furcon, Gaming, Machinima, Models, Opensm, Puppetry, R/C, Robotics, Science, Secondlife, Steampunk, Stopmotion, 3D.
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