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This is not a furry information wiki, this is a private wiki that will eventually get moved to a new URL. If you're looking for a furry wiki please visit WikiFur.

Murr Wiki contains documentation on projects, ideas, 3d, and assorted content made by Fesothe and is not all furry related. My content will be spread across a few different blogs which you'll find listed below, This wiki and blogs are slightly empty at the moment, please come back later.


3D & 3D Software

Follow my Tumblr blog for assorted 3d content.

AWOO Press:

Follow the AWOO Press blog for my personal views of the furry fandom, and assorted reviews of furry 3d content.

Furbrained Ideas:

Follow the Furbrained Ideas blog for updates on my 3d printed animatronic and robotics projects.

Furbrained Gallery:

Snack Ferret:

Follow Snack Ferret for updates.


Follow Furshows for updates.


"Furtainment Git Repositories"

Follow the Furtainment repository for code updates.